Purchase Contact Lenses Through Online Store

In Malaysia, contact lenses have grown in popularity, particularly cosmetic contact lenses, which have become a sought-after fashion accessory. The rising adoption and use of such beauty lenses in Malaysia have also increased the market share, raising their revenue contribution of contact lens sales from 26 percent to 30 percent overall in the most recent year.

The quick and easy ordering of contact lenses online are the major advantages and we are here to provide you convenience and quality with the best vision solutions possible, and here are some helpful advice and information!

Is it safe to purchase contact lenses online?

Purchasing contact lenses online from a reputable and registered retailer is risk-free. Prior to that, it is important to have your eyes checked on a regular basis. The Optometrist is the professional eyecare practitioner who will help you determine which contact lenses are best for you.

You can acquire contact lenses at your own convenience once you know your personal prescription. Online purchase contact lenses are not only safe and convenient, but it also allows you to access high-quality brands suggested by our eyecare professionals.

Can I purchase contact lenses according to my glasses prescription?

Glasses and contact lens prescriptions are not the same. The reason behind this is because contact lenses are worn directly on the eyes, whereas glasses are worn in front of your eyes. As a result, you should consult our Optometrist first before buying contact lenses with the same prescription as your spectacle lenses.

Our Optometrist will need to do an eye examination on you in order to evaluate the level of correction needed based on your prescription and vision needs. This will determine which contact lenses are appropriate for you. Our eye care professionals will specify particular features such as:

  • Base Curve (BC)
  • Diameter (DIA)
  • Lens Brand
  • Lens Material
  • Expiration Date

How to purchase contact lenses online?

It’s easy to order and purchase contact lenses online with a few simple steps:

  1. Review your contact lenses prescription
  2. Select your preferred brand
  3. Select your prescription details and choose the number of quantities
  4. Place an order and check out online

The best contact lenses are those that feel comfortable, offer optimal vision, and fit your lifestyle! It’s all about searching the contact lenses that fit your eyes and your own specific needs. At Whoosh Eyewear, we offer various innovative contact lens brands which can cater to your needs and preferences. Head over to Whoosh Eyewear outlets nationwide for a complementary eye-check and shop online today!

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