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Whoosh \wüsh\​

(n.) the sound of something flying by very quickly
(v.) to rush past or move explosively

Whoosh! Story

Fast. Fresh. Forward. These words perfectly describe what Whoosh! was created for. Bringing you the latest in eyewear designs, Whoosh! eyewear will satisfy trendsetters who value style, quality, and professional advice on the go. With a wide range of designs in 3 distinctive styles, 4 fixed affordable prices and a great team of professional opticians, a style revolution is coming your way faster than you can say “Whoosh!”.

What we offer

Unique Styles

We offer a wide range of fashionable frames all the way from Korea, broken into 4 distinct styles – TRENDY, URBAN, VINTAGE and COUTURE– for your styling pleasure!


Like our retail space with its friendly open displays, our 4 fixed affordable prices come with no hidden fees or fine-print charges. *Phew..*


Being stylish can be as simple as 1-2-3. CHOOSE your favourite frames, CHECK your eyes, and COLLECT your eyewear in as little as 30 minutes. Ta-da!

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Our Team

Spectacles are now so common that we regard them as an everyday item, we take them for granted and we rarely pay them a second glance.