Hoshi Antimicrobial And Virus Guard

In this modern world, our life revolves around digital devices to assist us in conducting various tasks. Whether it is for work, school or even for leisure on smartphones, tablets, and computer monitors, we rely on them daily. All digital devices emit blue light that can contribute to digital eye strain in as little as two hours of screen time. Therefore, blue light blocking lenses can help to reduce blue light exposure allowing you to work, play and connect comfortably.

Let’s look at the differences between non blue coat lenses vs adding a blue coat protection on your lenses. Without blue coat lenses, the harmful blue light will reach the retina. Symptoms such as headaches, eye strain or red eyes or watery eyes feeling may occur, just to name a few. Therefore, by upgrading your eyewear with blue coat lenses, you can better protect your eyes when staring into digital screens for an extended period. We also encourage you to apply the 20-20-20 rule, where after every 20 minutes spend in front of your digital screens, look away at an object about 20 feet away for around 20 seconds, which can help to relax your eyes.

Choosing the best prescription lenses for yourself requires you to understand your vision needs based on your lifestyle and preferences. You may consider the Hoshi Antimicrobial lens, specifically Hoshi 1.6 blue HMC lens, which provides 2 in 1 function. It has an anti-blue light protection function as well as an antimicrobial function. The antimicrobial function help to provide additional protection to all surfaces of the lens, coated with nano-hybrid coating and works by inactivating microbes* on the lens surface. Additionally, you may see below for some additional functions of the lens:

If you decide to select different lenses for your eyewear, you may also consider Virus Guard which also helps to keep your eyewear free of these microbes*. With personal hygiene being at the forefront during this period, we understand to go above and beyond to help prevent microbes* from reaching potential sites of infection. Virus Guard also adds in a layer of Nano-Hybrid protective coating to prevent microbes* from surviving on the surface of the lenses. You can now add on Virus Guard coating onto selected Hoshi* lens series and selected Whoosh Frames*, reducing the risk of foreign particles entering your eyes and spreading infection.

VIRUS GUARD – a Nano-Hybrid Coating which helps to inactivate microbe* on lenses.

Visit any nearest Focus Point or Whoosh outlet for more information regarding the Hoshi Antimicrobial lenses and Virus Guard. Our Eye Care Professional will be happy to assist you in clarifying about the products offered. We will also provide complimentary eye examination to help better understand your vision needs. At Focus Point, we believe that everyone should have access to proper vision care, so come on over and visit our store today!

For more details about the SGS certification, please view the reports here.

Disclaimer: This product is SGS certified and shown sterilization effect on this nano-hybrid coated lenses. It helps to inactive certain microbes* on the coated lenses.