Virus Guard: Extra Protection For Your Eyes

If you are wearing glasses, you probably recognize how irritating it is to have dust, dirt, fingerprint or grease on the frame and especially visible on the lenses. Cleaning your eyeglasses regularly should become a part of your daily routine.

What’s more, microbes that cannot be seen with naked eyes might grow on your glasses. Glasses wearers tend to touch the glasses frame or lenses often whether to adjust the position or for other various reasons. With Virus Guard, you can now choose to have extra protection for your eyes. Virus Guard helps to reduce the risk of foreign particles entering your eyes and spreading infection.

Get a pair of Whoosh Eyewear from us now and enhance it with Virus Guard. It comes with a nano-hybrid coating, which helps to inactivate the microbes* on frame* and lenses*.  Whoosh Eyewear is pleased to offer you the following exclusive packages:

  • Top up RM60 for extra protection on frame*
  • Top up RM80 for extra protection on lenses*
  • Top up RM100 for extra protection on the whole pair*

You can now enjoy extra protection! Find out more from any Whoosh outlets today! Our Eye Care Professionals will be most happy to assist you in clarifying on the products offered. We will also provide a complimentary eye examination to help better understand your vision needs.

Disclaimer: This product is SGS certified and shown the sterilization effect on these nano-hybrid coated lenses. It helps to inactivate certain microbes* on the coated lenses.

For more details about the SGS certification, please view the reports here.